This is a two part question (kinda).  The answer to the first question is not specific to just Bulldogs but to all
pure bred dogs but I will stick to Bulldogs in this writing. There is no educational book on how to buy a pet.  
This is my attempt to give at least some education based on experience. There are a TON of scams out there
so be very careful.  

Breeds are specific.  Each one has a detailed "Breed Standard".  This is a description of the Ideal Bulldog.  
Bulldogs are just that.  They are not Mini Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, or any other WRONG term they use
to get you to buy.  They are simply "Bulldog".   If they have another label they are NOT PUREBRED or quality
bred.  They are not being bred to the Breed Standard! When a person buys a home they have an inspection
done before purchasing.  When you buy a vehicle you have reference to Blue Book for value and Car Fax for
a history and consumer reports.  When purchasing a dog the pedigree is equivalent to Blue Book or Car
Fax.  Good "breeders" have a good resume.  What that means is this.....  A breeder who has experience with
dogs by grooming, Handling, Showing, or experience working at Dog Daycares, Training facilities, Vet
Clinics, or has competed in things like Agility, Obedience, Rally, or any of the competition type events has
more experience than the person breeding dogs simply because they like raising puppies or love the dog
they have. (not every dog should be bred)  When building a house do you start with true and straight 2X4's
or bowed?  
Of course you want good lumber, your trying to build a good solid foundation.  Breeding a dog is
no different.

Blue Book provides the buyer a number.  Car Fax provides the details.  When buying a vehicle you don't just
want the Vin number of the vehicle, you want the details.  When buying a dog AKC provides the number.  
The Breeder provides the details.  Breeders know their pedigrees from much research and therefor know the
dogs behind the numbers.  They know the temperament, the conformation, the health, and the history of the
dogs they breed.  Good breeders provide details, bad breeders provide a number....

Lets start with
WHAT the AKC (American Kennel Club) Registration means.  AKC is a Registry ONLY.  It
maintains records of pedigrees (like a family tree).   AKC does NOT guarantee health, temperament, or
conformation.  (breed type, meaning it LOOKS like a Bulldog)  The pedigree allows you to research.   When
someone breeds an AKC registered Bulldog to a AKC Registered Poodle It DOES NOT make a Pure Bred
ANYTHING!  It is a mutt, mixed breed, cross bred animal.  It mixes two genetically seperate breeds Health
issues and genetic personality traits so the final outcome is unknown and often undesirable.   As a groomer I
can tell you that most Golden Doodles are a terrible genetic mix.  Grooming is not "non sheddding" like they
promise,  they can have the health issues of both Breeds.  Again, not all dogs should be bred!

The Bulldog standard is best found at the Bulldog Club of America web site
The importance of buying from a quality breeder or show breeder.  As you can see from my Bulldog
puppy page there is a lot that goes into Properly raising a litter of puppies.   If an animal is well bred it will
live longer, have less medical issues, and have a better temperament.  When you get that vehicle would
you do regular maintenance on it  (oil change, gas, car wash)?  A dog needs that too.  Proper food,
socialization, training, structure (discipline), and exercise are all items that it will require to live long and

Now here is where it gets good.  A breeder who is breeding for the
right reasons has the breeds best
interest ALWAYS first and for most.  We don't breed designer dogs or the newest latest mix for money.  
We breed for the love of the Bulldog.  Twenty years from now we can say we bred to the best of our
abilities to meet the breed standard so that anyone who wants to buy a true standard Bulldog can still
get one.  If purebred breeders don't keep breeding to the breed standard people will not be able to buy a
Labrador Retriever for its efficient retriever of game, a Bichon Frise for its non shedding coat, or a
Border Collie for its high drive herding work ethic because they will no longer exist.  It will ALL be mixed
breeds.  How do you pick a dog that fits into your family structure if you do not know what it was bred to
do (which is genetically ingrained)?

Now, in Bulldogs.  Anyone who is breeding that says the words "designer", "rare", or "miniature" is NOT
breeding to the breed standard and therefor is breeding for PROFIT.  As all of you know when you do
anything for profit all corners are cut and expenses are kept down.  Sooooo wouldn't you rather
purchase from a reputable show breeder who spares no expense in researching pedigrees and lineage
as far back as they can locate, knows the breed standard DETAILS so they can best pair two dogs, who
takes their vacation time to stay home and care for new puppies, who does health testing attempting to
do the best they can generation after generation in regards to health, who sees many dogs in a pedigree
to determine that the temperament of the parents will do justice to any puppies resulting in such pairing,
who takes the time to potty train, socialize, expose to environment, take for car rides, children, etc.  Then
and only then will a good breeder select from maybe 25-100 families the right home for each puppy.  We
then require via contract that if for ANY reason the dog cannot remain in the home (divorce, health,
move, loss of job, new baby)  that WE take the dog back.  We DO NOT want our puppies placed in foster
homes, shelters, or rescues.  WE have the investment in creating them WE want the opportunity to
watch over them their entire lives.  We require spaying/neutering so that there is no accidental
breedings.  Bulldogs have cesarean sections and there for a family may not be able to cover the
expense or be able to stay home and raise an unwanted litter.  Breeding a dog should NEVER be taken
lightly and should only be done by those with years of education and experience or through a mentor.  

FACT!- 95% of all dogs in shelters are mixed breed dogs.   Only 5% of dogs in shelters are Pure Bred
dogs.  Good breeders protect what they produce.  With having that knowledge, if you buy from a
pure bred breeder
 you are continuing to assist in keeping the number of shelter dogs down.  Puppy
mills continue to produce because there is no repercussions for breeding.  Their dogs get sold from pet
stores, shelters, and sold as rescues where the person selling is not being selective in the buyer.  What
they cannot sell gets put down or ends up in shelters.  They do not require spay/neuter contracts on
these dogs because they no longer have an attachment to them once they leave.  (not that they ever did)
They are sold with NO background regarding health, temperament, or socialization.  The majority are
sold on a new buyers emotion.   Dogs are not Christmas gifts, Birthday presents for kids, or
accessories.  They are a long time family commitment that should be made as selectively as possible.  

Many people claim that mixed breed dogs are healthier than Pure Bred Dogs.  The fact is that mixed
breed owners and "breeders" (I use that term loosely) do not document health issues or behavior issues
in their breeds.   Here is the difference.....  Pure Bred Breeders document AND test in an attempt to
eliminate.   EVERY breed of dog has genetic health issues that follow their particular breed.  (it's
genetics)  Like a human family that may have Heart Disease, Diabeties, or Cancer.  It can be traced in the
family tree.   Just through denial and lack of documentation, does not mean it does not exist.....

Remember anyone who lists a Bulldog for sale with the terms "Designer", "Rare", or "Miniature" is not
breeding to produce the best Bulldog for you they are doing it for a sale.  These terms are all a sales
pitch.  There are a TON of scams out there and even if you never get a dog from me I want you to find a
good quality breeder who bred the best possible dog and therefor you can enjoy this wonderful breed
for years to come and maybe be a repeat Bulldog family.

Trust your gut instinct!!!!!  Don't let your emotions make a bad purchase!  This is a 8-14 year purchase
make the BEST one you can!  Take your time and don't let ANYONE put a time frame on your decision.
The best dog will come along for you if you do your research and "buy smart".  

Written by
Sandra Fulton
Bodanna Bulldogs
Why buy from a reputable "Breeder" or show breeder?
How do we eliminate the need for rescues and wipe out puppy mills?